Center of Jesus the Lord

Our Father's Table-A ministry to the poor and hungry

This ministry feeds the hungry and homeless of New Orleans, every Sunday night at the Ozanam Inn, 843 Camp Street.  We minister to the poor, by providing hot food, minor wound care and prayer,  We also provide socks and blankets and coats when the need arises.


365 Sponsorship Program

Could or would you consider helping the Center of Jesus the Lord’s Homeless Ministry by sponsoring one Sunday a year with a donation of $365 to help feed our hungry and homeless brothers and sisters of New Orleans?  We serve 300 to 400 hot home cooked meals every Sunday.  We offer smiles, prayer, encouragement, wash their feet, give snow balls in the summer, and hot chocolate in the winter, and try to show them God’s love. The Center has been feeding the homeless since 1976.  All monies donated go directly to the feeding and support of our homeless friends.  All workers are volunteers and all volunteers are welcomed.

     Please, help us to continue to do God’s work and to show that Jesus really does care!  All donations are tax deductable

Download 365 Sponsorship Form Word Document